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Applying pressure on the sensor pads in whichever direction you choose to go enables the user to control the movement of the board. Top speed: 6.2 mph | Range: 3.1 miles | Weight: 14.1 pounds | Max load: 220 pounds | Wheel size: 6.5 inches A LOOK AT THE AVAILABLE DATA ON THE SAFETY OF ELECTRIC SCOOTERS Key Findings The risk of fatal injury is about the same for e-scooters and bicycles. The risk of non-fatal injury is greater for e-scooters compared with bicycles. Two-thirds...


It’s a cliché, sure, but that doesn’t make it any less true. Hopping on a hoverboard for the first time and taking off at top speed will likely end up more embarrassing and painful than impressive and thrilling. Heading down a hill or slope will speed you up but can also be more dangerous, so be extra cautious. There are a lot of factors that determine how fast a hoverboard can go. The hoverboard’s wheel size and motor power, to riding terrain and rider weight. These all play a role in your top speed. The average hoverboard has a top speed of around six to eight miles per hour. “All-terrain” styles with bigger tires and larger motors tend to be faster, with top speeds in excess of ten miles per hour. Our Swagboard T6 Outlaw, for example, is one of the fastest on the market with a top speed of thirteen miles per hour. Learn to Walk Before You Run If safety is a concern (and it should be), it’s worth pointing out that Razor was the first US company to receive the UL-2272 safety certification created in the wake of the hoverboard battery fires. Hovertrax includes a training mode that takes it easy on beginning riders, too, making this a great option all-around. And although the Hovertrax 2.0 is more geared towards kids and teens with its 176-pound weight limit, it comes in a deluxe model that can accommodate riders up to 220 pounds.Since 2015, when hoverboards first became super popular, state and local lawmakers have rushed to put regulations into place for public use of this e-rideable. The laws vary drastically by state and even sometimes by city. California, for example, requires that hoverboard riders be over the age of 16. The Swagatron Swagboard Twist T580 emerges as the ideal choice for a diverse range of kids. With an impressive weight capacity of up to 185 pounds and equipped with 10-inch tubeless tires, it seamlessly adapts to various terrains, from gravel and uneven paths to shorter grass. Wheel size isn’t the only thing that matters: The texture and tread pattern determine where you can and can’t go. For example, the Gyroor Warrior has deep lugs that provide grip on dirt and uneven surfaces, while the OneWheel GT has a super smooth tire built for cruising on pavement. Build Quality The range is the distance or run-time of the hoverboard, and it’s important because a shorter range means more frequent charging. While range may not matter for all riders, if you plan to commute, this should be a key consideration, says Mast.

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The best place to push your hoverboard to max speeds is a clear, dry, flat and smooth stretch of pavement. The Razor Hovertrax 2.0 has one important thing going for it: The brand name. Along with Swagtron, Razor is perhaps the best known maker of scooters (both hovering and non-hovering varieties). It also boasts a somewhat more powerful set of motors than usual; while most hoverboards use a pair of 250-watt motors or smaller, Razor uses 350-watt motors instead, which gives it a max capacity of 220 pounds and a maximum range of 60 minutes (about 8 miles, give or take). A Segway Hoverboard is an active product that offers a very unique and very futuristic travelling experience for both adults and children. It has a robust plastic outer shell, available in many different colours to suit the individual’s preference.Some hoverboards specify how long the model will run (like an hour), while others estimate the distance you can go between charges, such as 5-7 miles. Depending on your intended use, you may want to look for one with a longer battery life or maximum range — especially if you plan on using it to commute. Weight Top speed: 10 mph | Range: 13.7 miles | Weight: 28 pounds | Max load: 220 pounds | Wheel size: 10.5 inches This hoverboard ensures safety in all aspects of its design—from its UL 2272 certification to its LED turn signals. But it’s also incredibly fun to ride thanks to its speedy acceleration courtesy of powerful 400W dual motors. Overall, this is a great hoverboard for riders of all abilities and ages. The addition is especially great for kids or adults who cannot ride the segway while standing up and need more control over the device.

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Bluetooth Speakers: If you’re thinking about a board that goes above and beyond, consider a model with built in bluetooth speakers. This feature is loved by thousands of customers who can ride their hoverboard and listen to their favorite songs the entire time. Simply turn on the Segways UK Hoverboard by pressing the small button located on the side of the hover-board and place each foot directly in the centre of the sensor pads to start moving! Self-balancing hoverboards are still relatively new. And the laws governing them are still evolving. States and local governments are still figuring out how to classify hoverboards. Ultimately, it’s the hoverboard’s classification that will determine if it should be governed under existing laws or if new laws are needed. Your best bet is to make sure you read up on your local laws to find out what is and isn’t legal for public use in your area. This is just as important as answering the question, “How fast does this hoverboard go.”To make it even more fun, it comes in a huge array of color options like orange, sea green, and classic pink. Sisigad even has a “Fun Edition” series that features a variety of busy patterns like graffiti, colorful bubbles, and purple galaxy, and a Chrome series so you can look as flashy as you want as you ride. Hey, even if you’re not shopping for a young rider, we wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to tote this playful hoverboard around to ride at parties or festivals. While there is no one “best hoverboard brand,” many brands like Segway Ninebot, Razor and Onewheel are known for making high-quality hoverboards and self-balancing devices. These brands offer UL-certified hoverboards that adhere to safety standards. What Is The Best Hoverboard To Buy For Beginners?

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While it doesn’t offer top-tier performance, it’s a great introduction to the world of hoverboards if you want to dip your toes in without a pricey commitment. It also comes with some handy features, like LED lights around the wheels, and headlights and taillights for nighttime riding. Top speed: 10 mph | Range: 10 miles | Weight: 31 pounds | Max load: 265 pounds | Wheel size: 8.5 inches Also consider the motor—the more powerful it is, the faster it’ll go, and the steeper an incline it should be able to handle. But a powerful motor may be a safety hazard for the overzealous rider—the fast acceleration can be difficult to handle. And if you’re shopping for a hoverboard for children, a powerful motor may be overkill. Battery Life/Range Not everything that self-balances comes in the traditional form of a board with one wheel at each end. Segway’s Ninebot Drift W1, for example, isn’t a board, but a pair of self-balancing “hovershoes” that more closely resemble a pair of skates. Each shoe has a single wheel, and the riding experience is just what you’d expect: lean to accelerate, slow down and turn by shifting your weight in any given direction. The design is admittedly a bit harder to get the hang of than a standard board, but it looks distinctive and is ideal for people who would rather feel like they’re skating. Featuring a built-in Bluetooth speaker and LED lights along the hubs, platform and wheel covers, the Sisigad Hoverboard is a child’s dream come true. While it technically supports up to 260 pounds, the smaller 6.5-inch wheels and beginner-friendly mode make it the perfect option for young adults looking to enjoy a hoverboard without the steep learning curve.

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Each skate weighs 7.7 pounds, so they’re portable when you’re not riding and run for about 45 minutes on a single charge. Adults and kids alike can ride these thanks to a max load of about 220 pounds. Sadly, you won’t find any Bluetooth speakers that would likely add a few style points, but you will find RGB LED lighting and a splash-proof IPX6 rating. With the exception of some rather oddball models (like Segway’s Ninebot Drift W1 “hoverskates”), most hoverboards look similar from one model to the next, so you won’t generally choose one based on aesthetics. Instead, here are a few criteria you should keep in mind when shopping the best hoverboards. Safety Certifications

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