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I hope to increase the precision of my software further to below one arc second by the end of the month. This work presents an economic and simple method to manufacture low cost, but effective adsorbents for CO2 capture through impregnating DETA to a low cost, porous silica gel. I had the same reaction initially, but if these kinds of “crackpot” theories, presented as they are with a veneer of scientific analysis and thus managing to find their way into reputable journals are not adequately responded to, real scientists run the risk of having the integrity of their field slowly eroded.

We use a fast density functional theory (a "slab-DFT") and the polydisperse independent ideal slit-pore model to predict gas mixture adsorption in active carbons. The monuments as we see them today are the culmination of multi-phase building and rebuilding events. At present precision is below one arc minute, which allows the +/-250 years interval to be reduced to +/- 0 years. So it looks as if, for the second time, I will withdraw from discussion unless in answer to any directly relevant technical query. That is, they actively seek as many potential inconsistencies among a wide range of YDIH publications, some not even scientific papers, as they can.We describe procedures based on the polydisperse independent ideal slit-pore model, Monte Carlo simulation and density functional theory (a 'slab-DFT') for predicting gas adsorption and adsorption heats in active carbons. Well, look at the raised arm of the Headless Man — no palm, no fist, no hand, and it isn’t even shaped like an arm of a human — broad at the upper part, where the hand is supposed to be, curving gently and narrowing toward the elbow. This was possible because the stars look differently from one place to another, so one does not have to know anything about geography and size of Earth to record this information, only to draw the constellations, as they were viewed from another place. Dr Sweatman’s theory connects ancient Scottish culture with other cultures across tens of thousands of years, including the place where civilisation probably began, at Gobekli Tepe in Turkey. We know this because, at last, we can read an extremely ancient code assumed by scholars to be nothing more than depictions of wild animals.

Perhaps, the most intriguing feature of SALR fluids lies in the ability to spontaneously self-assemble into aggregates of various morphologies; this peculiar property stems from the competition between attractive and repulsive forces which, on the one side (SA), promote aggregation while, on the other side (LR), discourage macrophase (liquid-vapor) separation [11]. This work discusses the reason for this and reviews some recently developed Monte-Carlo techniques for simulating crystalline phases. Fundamental measure theory (FMT) has recently been extended to penetrable spheres and soft spherical interactions (soft-FMT) (Schmidt M 1999 Phys. But, while the Sun is at zenith, the constellation of Vulture is indeed horizontal, whilst Scorpio, and Libra are above the horizon, as depicted, so horizon is supposed to be at ground level, not at the head level, as you drove it this time. Particularly the depiction of severed human heads or headless bodies in combination with necrophagous animals (preferably but not exclusively vultures) is a well-known theme and may be rooted in a complex multiphase Pre-Pottery Neolithic mortuary ritual.Based on other sources available to me, the message on the Vulture Stone was deciphered, almost entirely.

I was concerned about my mother's diagnosis and treatment, when she had been admitted by ambulance with extreme crippling back pain that had been getting worse over the past 6 weeks. Ultimately, the aim is to understand and predict the behaviour of matter for a wide range of applications, from new processes for carbon capture to self-assembly of bio-material templates to prediction of gas hydrate formation. After watching my mother suffer for 6 weeks and counting, it was obviously not something minor and needs proper action. Evidence for an extraterrestrial impact 12,900 years ago that contributed to the megafaunal extinctions and the Younger Dryas cooling” - https://doi. For two extensive independent reviews of the YDB hypothesis, see Sweatman [37, 38] and Powell [39], entitled "Premature Rejection in Science: The Case of the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis.This means that the conclusions I have reached – pretty conclusive as far as I can see – will need to be reviewed at a later date for confirmation or otherwise. However, the position of the constellation is fixed throughout the year, and so it’s rising position, and any step along its path, would easily have been able to be marked during those times of the year/day when it could have been observed in a dark sky. The SALR potential is a model of effective solute interactions where the solvent degrees of freedom are integrated-out.

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