Things We Never Got Over: the must-read romantic comedy and TikTok bestseller! (Knockemout Series Book 1)

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Things We Never Got Over: the must-read romantic comedy and TikTok bestseller! (Knockemout Series Book 1)

Things We Never Got Over: the must-read romantic comedy and TikTok bestseller! (Knockemout Series Book 1)

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This story does end with a HEA for the couple, and Knox did make an effort to change towards the end, but it was a little too late for me. We all have hang-ups, but it doesn’t mean we go through life as a jerk. I felt he was emotionally abusive, controlling, and passive-aggressive. unrealistic dialogue from the male friends of hero who literally stage an intervention trying to convince H that shes the best thing that ever happened to him

The words weren’t enough. They didn’t come close to the feeling I had in my chest when I woke up to her cuddled up next to me, safe and sleeping. They didn’t do justice to what I felt when she walked into a room and brought the sunshine with her. And they sure as hell didn’t hold a candle to the way I felt when she looked me in the eye and told me I’d given her everything she wanted. The pacing was not for me. It was very insta-lovey just without them admitting it. I didn't feel the tension the characters were apparently experiencing and that really just turns me off the book. IF I DON'T FEEL THE TENSION, I DON'T WANT IT :)Nooooooo, but that's not stereotypical enough. A sunshine character is quirky!!! She loves coffee! She can't remember where she parked her car! She is so entertaining!! Did I mention she LOOOOOOOOOOVES coffee? Oh I didn't? Don't worry, the author will make her groan and pout 22 times while she's thinking about coffee before chapter 10, and that is just soooooooooo sexy.

She released my belt and took me by the hand, leading me into the living room, where our wedding portrait hung above the fireplace. It still hit me in the chest every time I looked at it. Naomi—breathtaking and blushing in her gown, the daisies woven into her hair like a crown. She had her arm around Waylay, who had insisted on a floor-length lemon-yellow gown and daisies of her own. They both were laughing. As for me? I looked pretty damn good in my suit. And pretty damn happy as I looked after my wife and daughter. Sloane Walton is a spitfire determined to carry on her father’s quest for justice. She’ll do that just as soon as she figures out exactly what the man she hates did to—or for—her family. Bonded by an old, dark secret from the past and the dislike they now share for each other, Sloane trusts Lucian about as far as she can throw his designer-suited body.The heroine, I liked her, but I would have loved to see her more settled into her own and knowing exactly who she is and what she wants by the end of the book. She does make some decisions but I still feel like she lets the events that happened to her and the people in her life derail most of her individual and personal decisions. But I am going to tell you that you make every day the best one of my life. That I’ll never stop being grateful that you—” I almost forgot that one of Knox's main character traits is that he won the lottery. And when it's first mentioned, they talk about how Knox was smart with his money and didn't blow it all on random things, so he's still a millionaire today. But throughout the entire book, Knox is so stupid with money. He quite literally throws his money at people to buy their affection. He likes to use his money to try and control people and resorts to bribery to get his way. And I'm supposed to believe this is a guy who is smart and benevolent with his money? Nope.

a newly single - mum who had guardianship of her 11 year old niece temporary, cause her twin sister stole her car, left town and left her daughter with her Lucian and Sloane were by far the most anticipated couple to read about, and their story certainly did not disappoint. Some popular tropes used in this book are enemies-to-lovers, small-town romance, and childhood love. (Revealing more tropes may spoil the plot!) Finally, the repetition. Oh my god, the amount of times I read that this girl always took care of others and didn't take the time to see what she wanted or needed, was the most infuriating thing EVER.

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Am I intruding?” He looked good. Healthy. Steady. All of which still managed to surprise me every time I saw him. He was Jekyll and Hyde, gaslighting and mistreating her over and over and yet she still fell in love. Then breaks her heart and leaves...just like he said he would, and has the nerve to sulk! Out of concern Nash asked his brother as to why he broke things off, and Knox replied with, “Problem...with you helping yourself to my leftovers? Nah. Better she didn’t go to waste.”

One thing I loved about Things We Never Got Over is that Knox was 43 years old. As a fortysomething myself, I especially notice that the majority, if not all, of the books I read in the romance genre, focus on characters in their 20s or early 30s. Kudos to Score for making her leading man a bit older and therefore more relatable to people in my age category. There is one particular character I instantly knew I needed a book from and that’s my baby Lucian!! The small snippets you see of him in this book is going to make you fall and fall hard. I hadn’t even finished the book at the time when I decided that he was gonna be my next obsession. (Ofc he’s gonna come second to Mr. Bearded Badboy Grumpy Knox Morgan because that man is everythiiiing) Waylay’s boyfriend, Theo, stepped forward and pulled her into his side. I glared at him, but it didn’t have the heat it usually did. “Theo,” I said.Coffee was this girl's ENTIRE personality for most of the book. I don't mind characters having an obsession with a food or drink, but when it's ALL they talk about, think about, or go get, it's ANNOYING. Things We Hide From the Light is the Things We Never Got Over sequel and Lucy Score’s second installment in what is to be a three-book series. While the first book, Things We Never Got Over, told the story of Knox Morgan and Naomi Witt, Things We Hide From the Light focuses on Knox’s brother, police chief Nash Morgan, and insurance agent Lina Solavita. here’s how I picture Knox… you know that guy on TikTok with the axe who breaks apart those tree trunks??? THAT MAN???? In my head, that’s him 🤪 (If you don’t like fan casting, then just forget I said anything 😐)

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