Official Guinness Logo 2 Pack 1/2 Pint Glass Set with Embossed Harp

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Official Guinness Logo 2 Pack 1/2 Pint Glass Set with Embossed Harp

Official Guinness Logo 2 Pack 1/2 Pint Glass Set with Embossed Harp

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The term pokal glass is often used to describe a variety of stemmed beer glasses, however true pokal beer glass is by a tall bowl situated on a short stem. A European pokal glass has a very defined base, either bulbous or sometimes flat, while an American pokal glass has a more subtle tapered base that leads in to the stem or foot. Yes, we centralise the engraving by default, you do not need to format the text to be central within the text box, we will do this for you. I only require a short message, name or initials to be engraved, will the engraving be enlarged as it might look to small? A mass is a German measurement equal to 1 litre, so a masskrug is literally translated as a 1 litre beer mug. Commonly seen at the Oktoberfest beer festival, the masskrug is a tall conical beer mug with a dimpled body. Of course, not everything went according to plan – the courier left the glasses on the doorstep, in full view of the street. But hey, at least they were still intact!

Originally a ceramic beer mug, the beer stein is defined as being a beer mug with a lid, designed to keep flies and bugs out of your drink, making them ideal for outdoor drinking, and especially for use at beer festivals. The term beer stein however the term stein is generally applied to most handled beer glasses, particularly the masskrug, famed for serving beer at Oktoberfest and other beer festivals in Europe. Sometimes known as a pony beer glass, beer tasting glasses can be any small drinking glass that provides a sample serving of beer. Particularly useful for brewing competitions and beer tasting sessions, a beer sample cup can be almost any shape and style, however because of its effective throw-away use a simple conical glass is common. For a more refined presentation when beer tasting, a group of glasses can be served with a beer flight, which is a specially designed tray for presenting around 3 small glasses. Of course, with the variety of beer glasses on the market it is not surprising that beers, lagers and ales could be served in all manner of drinking vessels. For good beers that need to be appreciated, a nice wine glass makes a perfect drinking vessel; red wine glasses will usually have a rounded bowl and narrow rim, similar to a beer snifter, while white wine glasses have a wide rimmed bowl, like a beer goblet. Choosing a larger wine glass helps accommodate bottled beer, which usually come in 33cl sizes, and allows you to swirl your beer to release the aromas. Commonly used for serving Guinness and other dry stouts, the Tulip beer glass has now become a classic pub glass. Chosen for their looks rather than their tasting benefits, Tulip glasses are often made from toughened glass which makes them a practical choice for serving pints. A flute shaped pilsner glass provides a similar drinking vessel for beers, but with a larger volume.Yes, We will engrave short messages, initials and names larger to ensure that the engraving looks correct on the glass, for example a customer requires just 3 initials on a whisky tumbler, we will engrave the initials to fit the engraving area itself - we will always ensure the engraving looks visually appealing on the item. I need the item delivered for tomorrow - Is this possible? More of a novelty and decorative example of glassware, the modern "trinkhorn" is inspired by the use of hollowed and gilded cattle horns used by vikings and other civilisations before the production of ceramic and glass vessels. Therefore, these glasses would make a great addition to any Establishment, New Home Bar or Man Cave, to That Growing Guinness Collection or as the perfect gift for the Guinness Drinker in your life.

Guinness is one of the most popular beers in the world, and for good reason. The unique flavour of Guinness is unlike any other beer, and its rich texture is perfect for a cold pint on a hot day. But enjoying a pint of Guinness isn’t just about the beer itself – it’s also about the glass. The shape of the Guinness pint glass is designed to bring out the best flavour and aroma of the beer, and the iconic harp logo makes it a timeless classic. Guinness Half Pint Glass

This half-pint Guinness glass is a lovely gift idea for anyone that enjoys a sip of the 'black stuff'.

In the same way that the tulip or the nonic pint glasses are synonymous with British beer service, the willi becher glass is a common German beer glass. A general all-rounder, the willibecher has a conical shape, which then narrows towards the rim to help trap and concentrate the aromas of your beer.

Another popular pub glass, the American beer glass, also known as shaker pint glasses are conical in shape. Used for serving a US pint, which is 16oz or 14oz, the American pint glass is commonly used in pubs around the world as a standard drinking glass and is available in various sizes, including 20oz pints and 10oz half pints for serving draught beer in the UK. Similar to beer steins, tankards are traditionally made from pewter, or even silver, however the beer tankard is now often made from glass and comes in a variety of shapes and styles. Essentially a drinking vessel with a handle, the tankard is perhaps best known for being a pewter vessel with a glass base. Any branded beer glass that is unique to that brand may be considered a specialist glass as they will often have been produced with the appreciation of that beer in mind. Famed by the high ABV Belgian bière de champagne, DeuS, a flute champagne style glass can also be used to serve beer. With similar properties to a narrow stemmed beer glass, the flute shape promotes carbonation for better head retention. Suitable for serving a sparkling beer, standard champagne flutes can be applied to fruit beers as the narrow bowl directs the aromas up to the nose. The beer snifter is a large bulbous stemmed glass that is shaped to concentrate the aromas of your beer or ale and direct them towards the nose. Very similar to brandy snifters, a beer snifter glass can likewise be used to swirl your drink to help release the hidden aromas, in fact a large brandy snifter is an ideal substitute to a beer snifter.

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The perfect pint of Guinness is a work of art. The creamy head, the deep ruby colour, the intricate network of bubbles – all of these elements come together to create a beer that is truly unique. And what better way to enjoy this iconic beverage than in an Official Guinness Half Pint Glass? These glasses are specially designed to hold the perfect amount of Guinness, and the wide bowl ensures that all of those delicious flavours are fully appreciated. So whether you’re enjoying a pint at your local pub or hosting a gathering at home, make sure to browse our range of Guinness Half Pint Glasses. You’ll be sure to find the perfect glass for any occasion. Guinness Beer Mats Whether you’re a die-hard Guinness fan or simply enjoy the occasional pint, our selection of Guinness glassware is sure to have something for you. From gravity pint glasses to tulip glasses, we’ve got a wide range of glassware to choose from – you can be sure that your Guinness will always taste its best. So why not browse our selection today and find the perfect glass for your next pint? Guinness Pint Glass If you’re a Guinness fan, then you need to get your hands on these Guinness Pint Glasses! They’re CE marked, embossed with a harp design, and seriously stylish.

Guinness is a dark Irish dry stout that originated in the brewery of Arthur Guinness at St. James’s Gate, Dublin, Ireland, in 1759. It is one of the most successful alcohol brands worldwideA required stamp for draught beer service, the CE mark replaced the crown government stamp on pint glasses and half pint glasses to confirm the glass adheres to UK licencing laws. 1/3 pint and 2/3 pint volumes have more recently been introduced to pub glassware to allow for a greater flexibility in drinks service. A CE mark can also accompany a line on the glass.

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